Kiosk mode example: create a map-only workspace for a group of users

This guide shows how to use the kiosk mode to generate a map-only view and assign it to a group of users.

In the example, we want a map-only workspace with Native Map as the only map solution for our application.

We will use the privileges mentioned in the kiosk mode guide to be able to create the custom workspace, assign it to specific users, and enable only Native Map as the map plugin.

Getting started

1. Create a new workspace, selecting only the Map window, and save it as MyMap (or any name of your choosing).






2. Duplicate the role _Operator to start new customization based on this role.

Read the editing/customising roles guide for more information (follow the guide until step 3, then return here).

3. Once the new role is saved with the new name, open the role to customize it.

  • 3.1 Remove the privileges mentioned in the kiosk mode guide, except _UseMapPlugin and _ReadData. This prevents users in this role from seeing any panels other than the map.
  • 3.2 Select _ReadData privileges. By doing this, you're choosing which vehicles (tags) this privilege has access to.
  • 3.3 For the Maps privilege, we want to use Native Map only (for the purposes of this example). Remove the privilege _UseMapPlugin > Google Maps from the list.


  • 3.4 We also want to select the custom workspace MyMap (created in step 1) for this role. Notice that we've also disabled the default workspace. This allows the users to only have access to the new custom workspace and no others.


  • 3.5 Click on Save again to save this role with these new changes.

4. To verify if the results are what we need, we can go back to Site Admin and log in with a user belonging to our new customized role.



When we login with an operator user, we get a map-only view with Native Map.