Trip Definition using device's inputs

In some specific cases you may want to have a Trip Definition based on an input signal (ex. Ignition). This configuration will allow you to define the "idle" of the vehicle (Fatpoints) when is fully parked with the engine off (and not standing still in a traffic light, for example). With this method you will be able to generate Fatpoints based on different inputs rather than the default GPS Movement.

Default Fatpoints are being displayed on the map when the vehicle is idle at least 120 seconds. The “idle” of the vehicle is calculated based on the selected Trip Definition type in the Device Mapper (by default this value is GPS Movement).


Follow these steps in order to change the Trip Definition value:

1. Map the Ignition input on the Device Mapper

The first thing we are going to do is to verify that we have correctly mapped the signal we want to use in our Trip Definition. In this case we will use Ignition input in the Device Mapper:

Log in into the Application and go to Admin-> Device Mappers and verify the Ignition signal is mapped to the Ignition variable on the right.

More info about the device mapper here.

Save the configuration.

2. Change the Trip Definition

Open the Device Mapper again and go to 5. Trip Definition

In Type you will select Device Input
In Minimum Idle Time you will select the amount of time that you consider when there should be a Fatpoint.
In Input you will select the signal that will generate the new trip definition (in this case Ignition).
Now Save the Device Mapper configuration again.

3. Reprocess the tracks

After making the change on the Input in the Trip Definition, you’ll need to reprocess tracking data in order to get the new values for your Fatpoints.

To do so, go to Site Admin > Reporting > Reprocess and select Tracks. Select the vehicles and dates of your tracks you want to display with the new modification.

More info about reprocessing here.

Note: in the Vehicle Tracker application you can also adjust the values in 

Settings Settings Track visualization

     in order to display more/less fatpoints on the screen.


Trip definition with the default value (Gps Movement) Trip definition with the Ignition input