Share live vehicle location

Providing customers with real-time driver location is possible- and it’s fast and secure. You can send a secure link that expires in a specified period of time both from the desktop interface or from the Fleet app [1]. This grants temporary access to one vehicle/asset without creating accounts. Anyone with the link can see the vehicle location on a map in real-time.

  • You can generate the link from another system so you don’t have to jump between software (thanks to a get publish REST API).
  • You don’t waste time calling customers with updates about their deliveries, site visits, or on-site services.


Enable Publish in Site Admin.


There are a few ways to access the location sharing option:

1. Right-click on any vehicle and select the option Share Location


Or select any vehicle on the map and right-click on it:


Or include it on the vehicle status for fast access.


2. Specify how long you'd like the share the location - from one hour to multiple daysYou can always remove access later if you want to stop sharing the vehicle location.


Click the Copy link button and send your short URL.

Map choices

From the selection box, you might find three different options to choose from depending the maps you're using:


  • Native Map: generates a live-location link that is to be used in Native Maps using your GpsGate account.
  • Google Maps: generates a live-location link to be used in Google Maps using your GpsGate account.
  • Google Maps Link: generates a Google Map link that you can paste directly into your browser to get the exact position of the vehicle at the moment that the URL was copied (note that this link does not generate a live-location link).

To have Google Maps and Google Maps Link options, you need a valid Google Maps license or subscription in your GpsGate account.

Manage active sharing links

Right-click on any vehicle, and from the Share location menu item, select Active links. This window shows all active links for the selected vehicle with the map type and remaining time.


You can open the link or copy the URL to share it again.

If you'd like to stop sharing the live location, click on the 'Cancel link' button and confirm you'd like to delete the link. This removes viewing access of the live vehicle location. 


Generate links with REST API

The GpsGate REST API is a simple programming interface for querying information or updating data in a GpsGate application, allowing you to e.g. generate the link from another system, so you don’t have to jump between software.

[1]The duration of the link using Fleet App Share location feature is one day