Route optimization does not work


The Optimize Job Order button is disabled or does not function correctly when you attempt to optimize a route.



Make sure you comply with the following requirements:

 1. Make sure that the Microsoft C++ Redistributable is installed

This file should be installed on your server machine.

 2. Make sure that you have a valid key

You must have either a pay as you go license installed, or a valid GpsGate Services API key if you use a legacy license.

Instructions for installing a GpsGate Services API Key

Note: these steps are not necessary if you use a pay-as-you-go-license

  1. Obtain a GpsGate Map client API key by emailing Please supply the hostname or IP address of the server(s) that will use the API key.
  2. Log in to SiteAdmin, navigate to Settings and click on Service Account
  3. Enter the API key provided by GpsGate Support
  4. Click Save