GpsGate installation

In this guide, you can find the necessary steps to have your tracking server running starting from scratch. The guide covers requirements and installation steps. If you are using a GpsGate hosted server you can jump to Installation > Step 2.

GpsGate Server Requirements

1. A static IP address assigned to your computer or server.

2. A compatible device. You can search for a suitable device according to your needs (ex. “Satellite” to find a compatible GPS that supports satellite connectivity).

3. GpsGate Server can be installed in any version of Microsoft Windows that supports x64 architecture. We strongly recommend you to install it only in currently supported versions of Windows.

4. For larger installations (100 vehicles or more) we recommend to use Windows Server 2008 or higher. For hardware specifications and reference you can check here.

5. Java JRE x64 installed on your server.

6. Make sure you have .NET 4.6 installed on your server.

7. MySQL 5.5 or higher (recommended) / Microsoft SQL Server 2008 or higher.

If you use MySQL make sure you have this Update for Visual C++ 2013 and Visual C++ Redistributable Package installed before installing the MySQL ODBC Connector Driver.

8. The correspondent router/firewall port forwarding configurations according to your devices ports usage.


1. Follow the installation process as described in this video

2. After the installation process, if you haven't found your plugins for your devices in the installation wizard, you can manually install the necessary plugins:


3. Now it's time to add your trackers to the platform. Follow THIS GUDE to link your devices to device users in GpsGate.