GpsGate Server On-site installation

This article describes a step by step guide of a new GpsGate installation. We assume the installation is done in a clean Windows environment. 

Before you start the installation, be sure that you have the necessary hardware & software:

Read GpsGate requirements.


1. Download and execute the latest installer. The following screen will be presented:

Click Next to get started.

2. Database selection:

Select MySQL as the database (recommended).

Click Next.

3. Your database password is auto-generated. 

Note: This password is to access your database (not GpsGate).

Click on Show to visualize and copy it to a safe place.


Click on Next.

Java JRE and IIS will be installed in the background. 

4. Set the installation paths.

Note: the Virtual Directory will be the subpath of the URL of your server. For example:


5 Wait until the services start. Click on Continue to go to the next stage.


The core installation is finished! 

Next Step, GpsGate Server setup

Finish your GpsGate server setup in the browser: creating your first admin user and application.