Eco Report for Cellocator

This guide shows how you configure your Cello-IQ device and GpsGate to monitor harsh driving, speeding and turning using the Eco Report Plugin.

1. Prerequisities

You have a GpsGate installation with a Cellocator device listed above (this guide does not cover basic device setup).

Verify that:

  1. Your GpsGate platform is updated with the latest Cellocator plugin
  2. The device is mounted according to recommendations from the manufacturer

2. Device Setup: Sudden Course Changed and Sudden Speed Change sensors

Description: Sudden Course Change and Sudden Speed Change sensors are derived from the GPS output; they analyze the delta speed and course between GPS fixes. 

Cellocator devices require you to define speed ranges and thresholds by programming the corresponding bytes on the device's EEPROM. You will have to program four speed ranges, and also speed/course thresholds for each range separately. For more information on EEPROM byte mapping, please check the Cellocator Cello Programming Manual section 7.3 - Sudden Course Changed and Sudden Speed Change sensors for more detailed information.

In order to program the EEPROM on the device, you must follow the instructions in Cellocator Integration Package [Full Edition] section 9.2 Programming Command - Message Type 1. This section goes through all the steps for how to write programming data into the device's memory.

3. Application setup: configure the device mapper

Log in to VehicleTracker as an administrator.

Select the Cello-IQ device mapper and map the following signals:

"HarshAcceleration" = "HarshAccelerationDigital"
"HarshBraking" = "HarshBreakingDigital"
"HarshTurning" = "HarshTurningDigital"
"Ignition" = "Ignition"

Save the device mapper.