Eco Report for WondeProud

This guide shows how you configure your WondeProud devices and GpsGate to monitor harsh driving, speeding, and excessive idling using the Eco Report Plugin. 

1. Prerequisities

You have a GpsGate account with a Cellocator device listed above (this guide does not cover basic device setup).

Verify that:

  1. Your GpsGate is updated with the latest WondeProud plugin
  2. The device is mounted according to recommendations from the manufacturer

2. Device setup: harsh driving

You can start with these acceleration and braking settings, or change it to values that suit you better:
Harsh acceleration: 10 km/h change in 2 seconds.
Harsh braking: 10 km/h change in 2 seconds.

Send this command to set the harsh acceleration values shown above:

Send this command to set the harsh braking values shown above:

The commands have the following format:
$WP+HA+[TAG]=[Password],[Mode],[Speed Increase Threshold],[Duration]
$WP+HB+[TAG]=[Password],[Mode],[Speed Increase Threshold],[Duration]

(The Password is set to "0000" in the samples above)

3. Application setup: Configure the device mapper

Login to VehicleTracker as an administrator.

Select the WondeProud device mapper for your device and map the following signals:

"HarshAcceleration" = "HarshAccelerationDigital"
"HarshBraking" = "HarshBreakingDigital"
"Ignition" = "Ignition"

Save the device mapper.