Eco Report for Teltonika

This guide shows how you configure your Teltonika device and GpsGate to monitor harsh driving, speeding and excessive idling using the Eco Report Plugin. 

1. Prerequisites

You have a GpsGate installation with Teltonika FM1100 or FM4200 devices (this guide does not cover basic device setup).

Verify that:
- Your GpsGate account is updated with the latest Teltonika plugin
- Your Teltonika device has firmware with harsh driving support
- The device is mounted according to recommendations from Teltonika

2. Device setup: Harsh driving

If you have physical access to your device you can use the Teltonika configuration tool to configure your device. Set the following values:
- Max Acceleration force = 2.2 (m/s2)
- Max Braking force = 2.5 (m/s2)
- Max Cornering angle = 2.1 (rad/s)

Another option is to configure your Teltonika device with the SMS commands shown below. 

On a new device, all SMS commands begin with two spaces, but you may have set an SMS login and password on the device. For a new device the command format is:

For a device with a login and password it is:
<SMS login><space><SMS password><space><command>

This is easy to test as the device will reply with an ok message when you get it right.

Note: On Teltonika FM4200 you have to modify the commands to control the Profile you are using in the device. The first number after "setparam" is the Profile number, so if you are using Profile 3 you should change the command from " setparam 1602 2.2" to " setparam 3602 2.2", and so on for each SMS.

Send the following SMS messages to your device (without the quotes):

Configure Max Acceleration force :

"  setparam 1602 2.2"


Configure Max Braking force:

"  setparam 1603 2.5"


Configure Max Cornering angle:

"  setparam 1604 2.1"


3. Application setup: Configure the device mapper

Login to VehicleTracker as an administrator.

Select the Teltonika device mapper (FM1100 or FM4200) and map the following signals:

"The input you have connected to the vehicle ignition signal" = "Ignition"
"HarshBraking" = "HarshBreakingDigital"
"HarshAcceleration" = "HarshAccelerationDigital"
"HarshCornering" = "HarshTurningDigital"

Save the device mapper.