Eco Report for Atrack

This guide shows how you configure your ATrack device and GpsGate Server to monitor harsh driving, speeding and excessive idling using the Eco Report Plugin. 

1. Prerequisites

You have a GpsGate Server installation with ATrack devices (this guide does not cover basic device setup).

Verify that:
Your GpsGate Server is updated with the latest ATrack and VarPack2 Plugins
The device is mounted according to recommendations from ATrack

2. Device setup: Harsh events and User defined reports

Connect your ATrack device with a serial cable and use a hyper terminal software to send the following AT-commands. Use the default values below to get started. You can change them later if you want to calibrate your fleet to your own threshold values.

Configure your ATrack device to use ASCII protocol (binary protocol is not yet supported).

Set the harsh braking event when the vehicle has a negative G-force more than 250mg for 500 ms by using G-sensor data source.

Set the harsh acceleration event when the vehicle has a G-force more than 250mg for 500 ms by using G-sensor data source.

Set the harsh cornering event when the vehicle has a centrifugal G-force more than 325mg for 500 ms by using G-sensor data source.

Set "report action" to send a report over GPRS

Configure report 101 for Harsh Braking

Configure report 102 for Harsh Acceleration

Configure report 103 for Harsh Cornering

3. Application setup: Configure Device mapper

Login to VehicleTracker as an administrator.

Select the ATrack device mapper and map the following signals:

"The input you have connected to the vehicle ignition signal" = "Ignition"
"Report101" = "HarshBreakingDigital"
"Report102" = "HarshAccelerationDigital"
"Report103" = "HarshTurningDigital"

Save the Device mapper.