Legacy: Google Maps installation

If you choose to use Google Maps, you need to obtain a license key from Google to get correct the functionality. Google Maps is an optional GpsGate feature.

Getting Started with Google Maps in GpsGate server

1. Follow these steps to get a Maps JavaScript API key.

2Enable Google Maps in your application by clicking on the application name you want to edit.

3. Go to Privileges and Features > Maps > and enable Google Maps.


4. Click Save.

5. Log in to your application and select Google Maps.


Now Google Maps should be ready to go!


Enable Google as Geocoder

Google Maps and Geocoding services are different.

To enable Google Geocoder, follow these steps:

1. Enable Geocoding services in your Google Console.

2. Enable your new Geocoder in Site Admin > Applications > (click on the application) > Geocoding > Geocoder


3. Click on Save.