No data in sending email report manually


When sending an email report manually, only registered email on the server works. Emails not registered will send only the header of the template with no data. 


- Make sure all your plugins are up to date in Site Admin > Plugins.

- Please take a look at the _ReadData privilege. It will determine which data is included in a report. A user must have _ReadData access to the tags included in the report.

- If you use an event rule report, please make sure the recipient has _ReadEventRule access to the event rules included in the report.

How it works

- When emailing a report to a registered user, the user _ReadData privilege will be considered.
When emailing a report to an unregistered email address, the sending user's _ReadData privilege will be considered.

- The _ReadData privilege and the _Me tag introduces a whole new concept on how to set up your customers' applications. Reports, views, and event rules can be made much more generic and you control who can see what using _ReadData and _Me. This will save you a lot of work.

- Use _ReadData to determine who can see which vehicle data.
- Use the _Me tag to only see your own data. 


You can also check under Site Admin > System Info > Queue Viewer in which user context a report was generated and emailed. Check the Session User column.

If you right-click on a user/vehicle and select Overview, you can see which reports and which data in the reports a user has access to view. You can also see when reports have been emailed to users.