Error - An error occurred: Fleet App Server unavailable.


Trying to change the internal IP address for the external IP address into Fleet App Server URL - and keep getting an error -
An error occurred: Fleet App Server unavailable.

Possible Causes

  • This happens when the server is not able to make a request to itself via the internet to check if the manifest is accessible.
  • The failing server IP and/or TCP port number is not at all accessible from the internet.


  • Check that windows firewall allows external access on TCP port 80 or the defined port of your GpsGate server installation if you have used a custom one.
  • Check that any routing hardware or software between the server and the public network port forwards port 80 correctly to the server's internal IP address.
  • If helper doesn't work (keeps failing) you might need to set the value on disk manually. Use a text editor to open the path: /m-chcp/chcp.json in IIS on disk and change ONLY the IP address - leaving the rest of the URL intact - in the "content_url" property to his external IP address.

    For example, the file to modify could be located in the following path if your GpsGate server is located in the following IP and Port Number: