Report Arguments

When generating an EV1000 report based on an Event Rule you might need to display some variables to better understand that report or just to include some more information, like temperature that triggered the event or max speed during the event.

The feature is called Report Argument and allows you to add variables directly into the EV1000 report.



The best way to understand this new feature is using an example, so let´s think we want to obtain a report based on the typical speeding event rule. When we generate the EV1000 report, we will get the usual information, but now we can easily include the speed that triggered the event and the max speed for example, just adding this 2 notifications:


Then we don´t need to do any changes at all on the report and when we generate it the result would look like this:



Here is a list of variables you can add. For example [DRIVER_NAME]


With GpsGate Server you can use the Report Argument notification on the Event Rules.
In many cases it is useful to use the Function utility to get a more suitable result from a variable. A practical example, is the maximum or minimum speed of a vehicle during an event. There are in total 5 Functions that can be used in conjunction with variables:

$START: The first value of the variable when the event starts
$END: The last value of the variable when the event is still active but is about to end
$FINAL: The final variable value when the event ended
$MIN: The minimum value of the variable while the event is active
$MAX: The maximum value of the variable while the event is active

By default, the value of the variable is the first value when the event starts; it behaves the same with the $START Function.

You have an Event Rule monitoring a temperature signal over 10 degrees.
The Event Rule has processed the following temperature values: [5, 11, 13, 12, 9]

The output for the different functions will be:
$FIRST([Temperature]) -> 11
$END([Temperature]) -> 12
$FINAL([Temperature]) -> 9
$MIN([Temperature]) -> 11
$MAX([Temperature]) -> 13