Report arguments - passing parameters to your event-based reports

This guide shows how to send additional information to your Event Rule reports directly from the event rules using report arguments.

How to use report arguments

When we generate the standard EV1000 report, we will get the usual information (Start Date, Start Time, Duration, Vehicle, etc). But for example, we don't have by default the Speed information of the vehicle at the moment of the event.

To add a new variable (eg. Speed), follow these steps:

1. Open your event rule wizard under Admin > Event Rules

2. Create your event rule as preferred, and on step 5. Notifications select + to add a new notification type.

3. Select Report Argument as a notification type.

Using report arguments, we can easily include the variable speed and the max speed. To do this, we could add the variable Speed searching from the list of available fields or rather input $MAX([SIGNAL_SPEED]) into one of the boxes.


4. Save your event rule.

Testing your report arguments

No changes are required on the report itself. After adding the two notifications, the report will look like this:


Note: if your report doesn't change, it could mean that you require new data from your devices in order to re-process the changes. You could also reprocess the reports if needed.