Rename custom variables

This guide shows you how to change the names displayed on GpsGate for the custom variables and their values when they are boolean.

If you don't know how to add Custom Variables then take a look at this guide.

Default names

By default, the custom variables will be displayed with the following names, and the values for the Boolean type.

So if you check out the values on the track points section on GpsGate Server, they will look like this

Common scenarios: renaming values

Changing the default values for these variables can make it easier for the user to understand at first sight the value displayed. A value for a boolean variable might be expressed in different ways depending on the variable. For example, when Ignition is true, it means that the ignition is on and you might want to display 'on' instead of true.

Also when setting up GpsGate Server in different languages, this might be useful to display the variable names and values in the selected language.

How to change these values

In order to change these names and values you will have to use the Localization Editor link:

  • Go to SiteAdmin/Applications and select the application you want.
  • Scroll down until you see the Privileges section and look for Localization, expand it and expand _EditLanguage too
  • Enable the language you are using for your application so you can edit it later on
  • Save the changes

So if we are changing the values for the MyCustomVariable3 variable we have to log in to the application and do the following:

1. Go to the Admin menu

2. Select Localization

3. Select the language you are using from the list

4. Click on the Add Key button on the top right corner of the localization editor

5. Enter the details for the variable you want to change and leave the default option Vehicle Tracker for the module

6. Click on the Create button and then the Done & Reload button

Now, the track points section on your application should be displaying False instead of MyCustomVariable3_FALSE and True instead of MyCustomVariable3_TRUE

If you want to add more variables, repeat the steps listed below.