ERROR Unknown column 'Jobs.EndLocationID' in 'field list'


You get error messages when running a Dispatch report and have something that looks like this error in your ErrorLog:

ERROR [42S22] [MySQL][ODBC 5.1 Driver][mysqld-5.6.4]Unknown column 'Jobs.EndLocationID' in 'field list'


You have an old Dispatch 4 report that uses a column that is no longer available in Dispatch 5.


In Site Admin, navigate to Reporting -> Manage Reports -> and click View under the action column of your Dispatch report.

On this screen, click the Query Editor button

Click to select the query that is shown under the Report Queries section on the left-hand side.


Select and remove all of the properties that begin with Jobs.EndLocation...

Click Execute if you would like to test, and then click Save when you are finished.