GpsGate Fleet Trips View

Note: this version of the Fleet app is deprecated. We recommend switching to the new GpsGate Fleet app for the best experience, updates, and support.

GpsGate Fleet brings our most requested feature, Trips view. Sometimes called "Journey details" or "Journey view", our Trips feature allows you to see a full breakdown of all activities performed by a worker during one trip.

Tracks and Trips

You can find the Tracks and Trips section under any vehicle that appears in the vehicle list tab. First select a vehicle by tapping on name in the list and then select the Tracks and Trips section heading.


Trip Information

Inside the Tracks and Trips section you have the option of toggling between Track and Trip mode. Toggle to Trip mode to view the new Trip Information.


Inside the Trip section you will see a full table breakdown of all the activities that the vehicle has performed during the selected date.



Drawing Trips

All trips display a green drawing icon next to their summary. Clicking this green drawing icon will draw the path of the trip on the map, complete with icons to show where each rest activity took place and for how long.


Highlight Activity

Tapping on any activity in the table will highlight that specific part of the trip on the map with a green colour.