Fuel Consumption: track fuel consumption with fill logs

Enter your fuel fills in the Fuel Consumption plugin to track your fuel consumption.

This guide shows how to use the Fuel Consumption plugin to track fuel consumption by logging your fuel fills.

  • Note: this plugin is intended for manual fuel log fills. If you have devices with Fuel reading capabilities, use instead FU1004/5/6 reports. You can read more in gpsgate.com/reports


Install Plugin

Follow these steps to install the Fuel Consumption plugin.

  1. Login to the SiteAdmin > Get More plugins
  2. Install the Fuel Consumption plugin

Enable Fuel Consumption in your application

Activate the Fuel Consumption plugin in your application following these steps.

1. Login to the SiteAdmin application

2. Select the Applications tab

3. Click on the Application you want the Fuel Consumption plugin in

4. Scroll down to the Privileges and Features section and check all the boxes under Plugins > Fuel Consumption 

5. Save the Application

In-Application setup

Add Expected Fuel Consumption

1. Right-click on a User in the Vehicles list and select Edit User

2. Add a fuel consumption value in the Exp. Fuel Consumption field


If you don't see the field, edit the User Type Editor properties of the Device and enable the field.

Add an Odometer

The Fuel Consumption plugin requires an Odometer to work properly.


Fuel Consumption requires to add several Fuel-Refills to display the data properly.

Enter the Fuel Refills as accurately as possible to get the best results.

1. Add the Fuel Consumption menu to the interface by clicking in Windows > Fuel Consumption Fuel Consumption menu

2. To add your first Refill click in 

3. Add your refill in Liters or Gallons depending on your Localization setting of your application.

4. Click in Save or Save and Next if you want to introduce a new value.


You wil need to enter at least two entries to start having data and fuel consumption statistics. The more accurate the data is entered, the better the results.

If you click on the Graph button to show the graph for the selected time period

Fuel Fill File Format

Fuel fill files have the format below. Any number of <Refill> … </Refill> sections can be included in one file.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<Fuel fileid="FuelFile-132">
                    <CustomFieldValue>123 First Avenue</CustomFieldValue>

Note 1: It is important to give each file a unique fileid. If the same file id is used for second import the previously imported fuel fills will be deleted.
Note 2: The TimeStamp is expressed in UTC time zone.
Note 3: Fuel fills will only be imported for vehicles in the current Application.
Note 4: Custom Fields are optional.

Fuel Fill File Import

Follow these steps to import a file with fuel fills.

1. Click on Window > Fuel ConsumptionImport in the Fuel Consumption menu

2. Select your file and click Upload

3. The fuel fills are imported and displayed in the Fuel Consumption window

Fuel Consumption Reports

Two reports are included with the Fuel Consumption Plugin. You can activate them under the Reports / Manage Reports menu in the VehicleTracker application.

Sample Summary report:

A summary report showing all fills for a vehicle

Sample Exception report:

An exception report showing the fills that fall outside the expected fuel consumption setting