Marker Attributes

Vehicle data and mapped fields can be used as a marker attribute for your vehicles. This makes it easier to show data like speed, address and driver on the marker.


Enable the _EditMarkerAttributes privilege for your application.

How to use

In the Workspace menu, select Marker Attributes.

1. Configuration:

You have the option to only show marker attributes for the selected vehicle. This is a good option to keep map clutter to a minimum when you only want information about one vehicle at a time.

Attributes with no value will be displayed as N/A. You can select Hide N/A values if you don’t want to display these attributes.

You can also set a display threshold for when marker attributes should be hidden.  Marker attributes will be hidden at zoom levels lower than the provided value.

Provide a number between 0-20. Lower value = zoomed out. Higher value = zoomed in.
Street level = 16.
City level = 12.
Region level = 7.
Never hide attributes = 0

2. Next, expand the attribute data section and select what you want to show on the marker.

3. Click on the Apply button to see your changes.

4. To save this permanently you need to save your workspace.