Linked Events in a Maintenance Schedule

Logging one maintenance event will automatically reset the counters on the whole schedule. It can be used to schedule a vehicle maintenance that is dependent on time and distance.

Linked Events Setup

The Linked Event checkbox needs to be checked within a maintenance schedule in order for the events to be linked. The Link Events checkbox is located under the list of the Maintenance Events.

Linked Events

The Linked Events checkbox can only be checked during the creation of a new maintenance schedule; it cannot be modified later. Furthermore, to link events within a maintenance schedule, all events need to be of the same repeat type and cannot be of “At regular interval” repeat type. Finally, if Linked Events is checked, all events within the maintenance schedule will be linked.

When a Maintenance schedule is created with Linked Events, a maintenance log for one event will automatically log a maintenance log for all the events within this maintenance schedule and therefore reset all the counters (distance or time) with the given schedule.

Use Case

A use case of a maintenance schedule with linked events can be a schedule for an oil change. Usually, the recommended schedule for a car oil change is 5000 km or 3 months. For this, we can create a new Maintenance Schedule with 2 linked events: one for 5000 km and the other one for 3 months. Both of those events will be of repeat type “Since last service”. You will be notified once the maintenance time or distance is reached and at this point you can log a Maintenance event for the event that has been reached. Since the maintenance events are linked, both events will reset and the next scheduled maintenance will be in 3 months or 5000 km, which ever comes first.