Add Custom Fields in Maintenance (Legacy) reports

This guide pertains to Maintenance (Legacy). GpsGate Cloud customers can use the new Maintenance feature in preview release.

This guide explains how to add Custom Fields to Maintenance reports (MT1000).

Read how to install the maintenance plugin

Why do you want to add custom fields to Maintenance reports?

Adding custom fields in the Maintenance reports could be useful if you want to display additional information in your maintenance report logs, for example, the service cost or the replaced parts in the maintenance event, etc. 

How to add custom fields to Maintenance reports

1. Duplicate your report.

2. Add the following line in one of the columns of the report

$CustomField([LogID], [MyField], [Maintenance])

Where MyField is the name of your custom field in maintenance.

For example,


3. Save the report.

4. Activate the report in your application.