Maintenance (Legacy) based on engine hours

This guide pertains to Maintenance (Legacy). GpsGate Cloud customers can use the new Maintenance feature in preview release.

With accumulators you can measure the total time that a vehicle status signal, such as Engine on, has been active. This can for example be used to create maintenance schedules based on engine hours.


Setup an accumulator type

Follow these steps to set up a new accumulator type:

1. Log in to your application

2. Select Admin > Accumulator Types

3. Add new Type button.

4. Create an accumulator called EngineHours based on Time and selecting the variable Engine.

5. Save.


Add accumulator to a vehicle

When you have created the accumulator type you can follow these steps to add an accumulator to a vehicle:

1. Edit a vehicle by right-clicking on it and selecting Edit User.

2. Go to the Accumulators property and add the new Accumulator


3. Enter the current engine hours value if necessary.


4. Save the user.

Setup a Maintenance schedule

1. Read the maintenance guide to know how to add an new maintenance event.

2. In your new event, select the EngineHours accumulator as a measurement value.

Setup the maintenance event according to your needs.


3. Save.

Congratulations! You have now created a new Maintenance event based on the EngineHours accumulator type.