Read Data: determine which vehicle data a Role can access

_ReadData determines which vehicle data a Role can access. It has effect on all features in GpsGate; reports, event rules and what you see in Map View. _ReadData makes it much simpler to determine who can see what in an application. _ReadData introduces true data access rights to GpsGate Server.

One advantage is that you now can create more general reports, views and event rules. Below is an example.

Assume we have 3 categories of vehicles. BlueTrucks, RedTrucks and GreenTrucks. And we have 2 categories of operators with different rigths to see the data. CoolOperators and JuniorOperators.

Create Tags for the different vehicle categories

Create a Tag for each category of vehicles. In this example Tags named BlueTrucks, RedTrucks and GreenTrucks. You manage Tags under Admin -> Tags.

When you create a new vehicle (Device) you should add it to the Tag it belongs to.

Create Roles for each category of operator

Make a copy of the _Operator Role for each category of operators. In this case CoolOperators and JuniorOperators. Under the _ReadData privilege you should select the Tags each Role should be able to access data from. You manage Roles under Admin -> Features.

In this example _ReadData.BlueTrucks and _ReadData.RedTrucks should be selected for CoolOperators. And _ReadData.GreenTrucks should be selected for JuniorOperators. It is important to deselect all other Tags under _ReadData, in particular the _All Tag.

When adding new operators make sure you add them to either of the two Roles, and NO other Roles. Also add all operators to one common Users tag.

Map View example

Create a View and include all Tags in the application. You manage Views under Admin -> Views. Now test to login as a CoolOperator user and you will only see vehicles, tracks and alarms from vehicles in BlueTrucks and RedTrucks. Login as a JuniorOperators and you will only see GreenTrucks

Same View, but different vehicles in view depending on who is logged in.

Live Event Rule example

Add (or edit existing) Event Rule. In step 2 make sure that the event rule is valid for all vehciles. Add an Email Notifier in Step 5. Select both Cool & JuniorOperators as receipents of email alerts.

Now, when there is an event from either Red or BlueTrucks all CoolOperators will receive an email. And when there is a GreenTruck event, all JuniorOperators will receive an email.

Same Event Rule, but different notifications depending on who receives the email notification.

View Report example

When viewing repors the logged in user will only see the Tags the user has access to given the _ReadData settings. In this example it means that a CoolOperator can only get reports with data from Blue and RedTrucks and JuniorOperators only from GreenTrucks.

Same Report, but different data depending on who is logged in.

Email report example

Create or edit a report under Admin -> Manage Reports. Select the report to be emailed. Specify that the report should be generated from all Tags, in this example Blue, Red and GreenTrucks. Set Receipents to Users.

Reports will now be emailed to all operators, but depending on the _ReadData setting the reports contain different data. In this example CoolOperators will receive reports with data from Blue and RedTrucks only. And JuniorOperators will receive reports with data from GreenTrucks only.

Same report, but different data depending on who receives the emailed report.

As you notice _ReadData helps you to create much fewer views, event rules and reports than before. And who gets what is regulated using different Roles with different _ReadData settings.

You can also of course create a Role which can see and receive everything.


Impersonated login. For testing purposes; There is a useful feature in SiteAdmin to login "impersonated". In the application list in SiteAdmin click on the icon left to the name of the application, then select the username to login as. In this way you can verify that a user gets the proper experience when logged in. Very useful for verifying that a certain user only can access the data he has rights to.

Setup Overview. In VehicleTracker you can right click on a user or vehicle and select "Overview". A windows opens which lists exact which privileges, roles the user has. Which reports and event rules he has access to and much more. A must to use when verifying which user/device has which functionality assigned to it.