User Type Editor

An Edit User Access Mask lets you control which fields are visible when editing a User.

Edit User Access Masks restrict the visible fields when editing a User. Access masks are applied according to the following rules:

  • A mask only is applied if the logged in User is part of a Role that has the _UseUserAccessMask privilege.
  • The Edit User form will display only the fields that are selected in any access mask enabled for the User Role.
  • Users that are members in multiple Roles with multiple _UseUserAccessMask priviliges will see all fields enabled for any of the Roles


Let us say that you have recently added a Custom Field Department to the Device User Type and now you want to restrict users in the role Department Administrators to only be able to edit that particular custom field in the Edit User form. To do this, follow the steps below:

  1. Log in as an Administrator that has the _EditUserAccessMask privilege and open the User Access Mask Editor in the Vehicles toolbar.
  2. Select New… and give the access mask a descriptive name, for example “Show Only Department”.
  3. Tick the checkbox to make the Department Custom Field visible.
    Edit User Access Mask Editor
  4. Click Save.
  5. Under Admin -> Roles, enable the access mask Show Only Department for the role Department Administrators.
    Enable the Access Mask


Now, when a Department Administrator logs in to the VehicleTracker application and clicks Edit User on a user of the Device user type (which has the “Department” custom field), only the Department custom field is visible and can be edited.
Edit User


To test that the access mask works, log in to SiteAdmin and go to the Applications tab. Click the “Go to application” icon next to the VehicleTracker application and log in to that application impersonating one of the Department Administrator users. The number of visible fields should now be restricted.

It can be helpful during testing to use two different browsers. In one browser, log in as an administrator with _EditUserAccessMask privilege. In the other browser, log in as a Department Administrator user.

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