User Access Mask

An Edit User Access Mask lets you control which fields are visible when editing a User.

Edit User Access Masks restrict the visible fields when editing a User. Access masks are applied according to the following rules:

  • A mask is only applied if the logged-in User is part of a Role that has the _UseUserAccessMask privilege.
  • The Edit User form will display only the fields that are selected in any access mask enabled for the User Role.
  • Users that are members in multiple Roles with multiple _UseUserAccessMask privileges will see all fields enabled for any of the Roles


In Site Admin

1. In Site Admin, click in your application to access its properties.

2. In Privileges and Features > Admin > enable _EditUserAccessMask


3. Save the application properties at the bottom of the screen.

In the application

1. Open the User Access Mask Editor in the Vehicles panel.


2. Select New… and give the access mask a descriptive name, for example, Show Only Login Details.


3. In this example, we only want the user to have access to the Tags properties and the selected tags only.


4. Click on Save.

5. Under Admin > Roles, enable the new access mask to the roles you want them to have it. For example, in this case, we will use a copy of an Operator role to make customizations.

Read more about roles here.


6. Save the role.


When the Operator logs in to the application and edits a user, they will see only the properties selected in the mask and not the rest of the user properties.