Role-based access to geofence tags

Geofence tags allow you to restrict access to geofences based on role. You can select which geofence tags a role can access from the Roles menu.

How to use

In the Roles menu, you can select which geofence tag the role can access by selecting it in the _ReadGeofencesInTag section.

If a role has access to a geofence tag, the role will be able to see that geofence tag and all the geofences inside that tag.

If you remove all the edit and read privileges, the geofence panel will no longer be visible in the application.

Important note about privileges


_EditGeofence - enables editing of all geofences except route geofences.
_EditGeofenceTags - enables editing of all geofence tags.
_EditRouteGeofence - enables editing of route geofences.
_ImportGeofence - allows importing of geofences.
_ReadGeofence - gives read access for all geofences.
_ReadGeofencesInTag - gives read access to selected geofence tags and the geofences inside those tags.

If you want a role to only access some of your geofences, do the following:
1. Remove the _ReadGeofence, _EditGeofence, and _EditGeofenceTags privileges from the role.
2. Create a geofence tag and select the geofences to be included in the tag.
3. Enable _ReadGeofencesInTag privilege and select the tag you created.