Use Command Click Scripts to move users between tags

This article describes what Command Click Scripts are and how to use them.


Command Click Scripts allows you to assign or remove a user from a tag after a command is executed successfully.


Creating the command click script

1. To create a Command Click Script, go to menu Development > App Builder


2. Click on + App


3. Set a name for your new app, then click on Save


4. Now click + Click Script inside your new app


5. Set a name for your new Click Script, then select the Command kind

Set the new click script to Enabled


6. Click on the Edit button and paste the following code into the editor:

var tagAdding, tagRemoving;
if ( == 'ModeA') {
  tagAdding = tags.getTagByName('First');
  tagRemoving = tags.getTagByName('Second');
else if ( == 'ModeB') {
  tagAdding = tags.getTagByName('Second');
  tagRemoving = tags.getTagByName('First');
if (tagAdding != null) {
  tags.updateUsers(, [], []);
if (tagRemoving != null) {
  tags.updateUsers(, [], []);

Note: the command should run successfully before saving the app. Make sure you're not missing any of the requirements at the beginning of this guide.

7. In the Command Tags section of the click script, select the Command Tags associated with this script. The script will be executed after the successful completion of a command only if the command is in this Command Tag.


Finally, click on Save.


Running the script from the editor once with one of the two commands specified in the Exposed objects and test values section under should immediately move a user to the right tag and validate the script.

Now save the script and run the other command. After the command is completed, you will see that the user has moved to the other tag.