Workers and the Dispatch app

With the Dispatch app (both available for iOS and Android) your workers can handle their tasks with a smartphone or tablet. The Dispatch plugin is used to dispatch tasks to mobile workers from the GpsGate web interface. Workers can then see details of their tasks, communicate with fleet operators and start and complete tasks from the interface.

iOS Android


Worker Setup

1. Login to the Vehicle Tracker application and click in 

2. Select as User Type > Dispatch unit


3. Enter the Username and Password for this user

4. Make sure that _Dispatch Worker and _Unit is selected in this step

5. Assign this user to Show on map or any other Tag of your choice. Learn more about Tags here.

5. Depending on which mobile system you use, select either Android or iOS as devices.

iOS Android (with SMS capabilities) Android (WIFI only devices)

6. The rest of the steps are optional. You can click in Save directly here. To learn more about Android user creation click here.To learn more about iOS user creation click here.

Dispatch app Usage

Open the Dispatch mobile app and fill in the following information:

  1. Server URL: your server url (eg. or, etc.)
  2. Username: the username created on step 3 in Worker Setup
  3. Password: the password created on step 3 in Worker Setup

If you are unsure about your server URL, you could use the QR code to fill it up for you this way:

1. Let the Server field clean, and the I have a QR-code link will show up. Tap it and you'll be asked to let the app have access to your Camera.

The QR code is accessible from the Desktop mode if you have administration rights in your application.


  • Note: the QR code generation requires a service given by GpsGate. If you receive an error message when trying to generate this code, contact support.