Set up workers to use with the Dispatch app

This guide shows how to set up workers to be used later on with the Dispatch app.

Worker Setup   

1. Login to the Vehicle Tracker application and click on 

2. Select a User Type > Dispatch unit


3. Enter the Username and Password for this user

4. Make sure that _Dispatch Worker and _Unit is selected in this step

5. Assign this user to Show on map or any other Tag of your choice. Learn more about Tags here.

5. Depending on which mobile system you use, select either Android or iOS as devices.

iOS Android (with SMS capabilities) Android (WIFI only devices)


Next steps

Once your Dispatch worker is set up, you can dispatch jobs to them. 

They will receive their jobs in the Dispatch app. 

Read more about the Dispatch app here.

Read how to create and import jobs and routes in Dispatch.