How to create Dispatch Routes

In this guide, we will explain how to use the Route jobs.

To setup your Dispatch plugin, follow this guide first.

Getting Started

1. To create a Route, select Route under the Create menu in the Dispatch window.

2. Under Details you can find several fields very similar as the ones required for a single job.

3. Under Jobs, it is necessary to introduce at least two jobs to make a route.

  • A third job will enable the Optimize button.

You can introduce a new job by right clicking on the map


You can also introduce a job just by typing the address

Or you can use + Job button on the jobs panel, to add a job individually. 

4. When you click on Save, the job will be displayed on the Worker panel.

The Route statistics will be available when you hover the mouse over the Route rectangle.

Important Notes

There are several important things to be aware of when using the Routes feature.

  • Routes must contain a name and 2 or more Jobs to be saved. If you cannot save your Route, check that you fulfil all the criteria to create one. Standalone Jobs can still be created and managed in the usual way.
  • Routes can only be assigned to one worker. If you are trying to drag Jobs that have a different worker assigned, the Dispatch Panel will not allow you to add them. Remove the worker from the Job, or alter the worker assigned to the Route.
  • When deployed to a device, Routes are deployed as a list of Jobs. Routes are a feature designed to help operators in GpsGate deploy and manage many Jobs at once.