Grouping tasks into routes

To install and enable Routes
  1. Log in to SiteAdmin.
  2. Go to the Plugins tab.
  3. Under My Plugins tab, make sure all plugins are up to date and Dispatch plugin is installed too.
  4. If you are new to the Dispatch plugin, make sure you have read and followed the Getting Started guide
Creating a Route

There are lots of ways to start creating a Route that are designed to fit into your usual workflow.

Add Route button

Clicking the +Route button in the top right hand side of the Dispatch Panel.

Map Context Menu

Right click the map in the location that you want to begin the Route and select "Start new Route (here)".

POI Context Menu

Right click the POI that you wish to begin the Route from and select "Start new Route (here)".


Filling your Route

To create your new Route you need to specify a name and fill it with two or more Jobs. You can also optionally add some notes that will be saved against the Route and pick a colour for it. This colour will appear inside the Route and also change the appearance of it's entry in the Dispatch Panel and Job List. Use colour to let you categorise your Route types and allow operators to see at a glance which types of Jobs a route contains. There are various ways to add Jobs to an open Route.

Search for a Location

Start typing in the Job location search box and GpsGate will search for locations matching your search term. Clicking a suggestion will add a Job to the Route at that location.

Map Context Menu

Right click the map in the location that you want to add to the Route and select "Add Step To Current Route".

POI Context Menu

Right click the POI that you wish to add to the Route and select "Add POI To Current Route".


Assigning a Route

To assign a Route to a worker use the "Add Worker" search box to find the correct worker and click to add them to the worker field. If you want to change the worker you can click the cross next to them to remove and repeat the process.

When you have added a worker and have more than two jobs added to the Route, you may save the Route in the Assigned state.

If wish to save and immediately dispatch your Route you can select the "Dispatched" state that appears in the "Route state" row of the Route before saving.

Editing a Route

There are various ways to edit an existing Route. Opening a Route for editing will allow you to change details, add or remove jobs, change the assigned worker and dispatch the Route.

Dispatch Panel

Right click the Route you would like to edit in the Dispatch Panel and select "Edit Route".

Job List

While viewing the Job List for a worker, right click any job contained within a Route and select "Edit" to open the associated Route for editing.

Removing a Route

To delete a Route and its contained Jobs you must first open the Route for editing using one of the methods described above and then click the "Delete" button in the bottom right hand corner. You will be prompted to confirm your deletion of the Route. Consider carefully whether or not your want to delete the Route or simply edit it. Deleting is an irreversible process and will delete all the Jobs that are contained in the Route as well.

More Information

Important Notes

There are several important things to be aware of when using the Routes feature.

  • Routes must contain a name and 2 or more Jobs to be saved. If you cannot save your Route, check that you fulfil all the criteria to create one. Standalone Jobs can still be created and managed in the usual way.
  • Routes can only be assigned to one worker. If you are trying to drag Jobs that have a different worker assigned, the Dispatch Panel will not allow you to add them. Remove the worker from the Job, or alter the worker assigned to the Route.
  • When deployed to a device, Routes are deployed as a list of Jobs. Routes are a feature designed to help operators in GpsGate deploy and manage many Jobs at once.