Terminal (low level tracker control)

With the Terminal, it is possible to view the raw stream of data (also called reports) going between server and tracker.

Terminal in Site Admin

Monitor one specific device

1. Log in to SiteAdmin
2. Click on System Tools
3. Search on a username, IMEI or phone number. Click Search

4. Click Terminal to start viewing the terminal data.

Searching capabilities

You can search for specific commands or SMS sent to the server. To do so, in System Tools > Terminal you have different options:

To list all unknown sessions (unregistered devices reporting to your server), click on List unknown connections

To list the most recent sessions (registered devices reporting to your server), click on View connections last X minute(s)

Queue viewer

You can view which commands have been sent to your server. To do so, select command when you've found your device to open the Queue Viewer.

You can also access the Queue Viewer from System Tools > Queue Viewer

It's also possible to see which SMS has been sent to the server. In the same way as Queue Viewer, use the SMS link or go to System Tools > Queue Viewer > SMS to display sent SMS messages

Terminal in the Application

It's also possible to view the Terminal inside an application. To do so, follow these steps:

1. Click in your Application Name

2. Select Privileges and Features > Terminal Window

3. Save your application

4. Login with an Administrator user or a user with the right privileges.

5. Inside the application, select Windows > Terminal

6. Clicking on the Vehicle in the Vehicle Panel, the Terminal will show the data (if available) of that selected unit.

From the Terminal it's possible to manually write or send commands to diagnose or configure your devices. Read more about this here.