Exercise #2 - Complete a day of work in Dispatch


It’s time to see Dispatch in action! Exercise 2 simulates a workday to show real-time updating, workflow, and efficiency in both the mobile app & dispatch panel for mobile workers and operators/dispatchers.

Note: This Exercise builds on Exercise 1, so we recommend using the same Vehicle Tracker application and completing the exercises in order. If you haven’t completed Exercise 1, click here to learn how to set up the Dispatch mobile app.

Creating Your Mobile Workforce

Today, we will use your worker from Exercise 1 (referred to as Exercise1Worker in this exercise) and a second worker that we create.

Add a Worker

To add a Dispatch user (worker) follow the steps described here.

  • Name your worker Worker2.

Open the Dispatch Mobile App

We will be using the Dispatch mobile app, so check that you are still logged in to the Dispatch App with Worker1 from Exercise 1. When you open the app on your phone, you should open directly to the Jobs screen without logging in. If you see the job you dispatched to this worker in Exercise 1 on the Jobs list, that is OK. If you are not logged in, refer to Exercise 1 to setup the app.

Jobs & Routes - Building the Day’s Workload

You will create a job and a route in the Dispatch panel of your Vehicle Tracker application, and assign each to one of your Workers.

  1. Job – single task assigned to one worker
  2. Route – group of tasks (jobs) to be completed in a specific order by one worker

Create a Job

Follow Creating Jobs from how to create jobs guide.

  • Use Worker1 as the worker. Other fields are optional.
  • Dispatch the job immediately to Worker1 by selecting Assigned as the job state and clicking save. After saving, you should see a new job notification on your phone. If you don’t see a notification, check that you have the app launched, and that you have enabled notifications from the app in your phone settings.


Create a Route

Follow Creating Routes from how to create jobs guide.

  • Name your route, Route 2, and fill in the Assign to to Worker2.


  • Create a second job in the route by right-clicking on the map or entering the address.
  • You should now be able to see the route under Worker2. The jobs will be inside of blue Route buttons.
  • Right-click on the route and select Dispatch All to dispatch the route to Worker2.


The route is now dispatched to Worker2 and you will see the jobs are yellow to show that they have been dispatched. You will also see the route track on your map.


Completing Jobs and Routes

Completing jobs

It’s time for Exercise1Worker to complete the job assigned to him/her. If you have another job from Exercise 1, we will complete that job as well.

  1. Open the Dispatch mobile app home screen and go to the Jobs tab.
  2. You will see all jobs assigned to Exercise1Worker on the All jobs tab. You will see only uncompleted jobs on the Pending jobs tab. Click on a job.
  3. Click Start – Exercise1Worker has now started the job.
  4. Click on Finish. Confirm that you want to finish the job by clicking OK. The job is now completed. The job has a green line next to it on the All jobs page and will no longer show on the Pending jobs tab.
  5. Do you have any other jobs? Repeat steps 2 – 4 to complete the job(s).dispatch_finish_job_on_mobile.png

Check the application. You should now see the completed Jobs under Exercise1Worker show in green to indicate that they are completed.


Completing Routes

To complete a route, all the jobs on the route must be finished. In the real world, Worker2 would have his/her own phone with the Dispatch mobile app installed. Worker 2 would start and finish jobs within the app just like Worker1
If you have a second test phone, you may download the Dispatch app on it and sign in as Worker2, and then start & finish all the jobs in the assigned route as in the step above.
If you do NOT have a second phone, you can mark the jobs in Worker2’s route as complete within the Vehicle Tracker application for the purpose of this exercise (see below).

To edit/update jobs in the Vehicle Tracker application > Dispatch panel:

  1. Right-click on the route under Worker2. Select Edit Route.
  2. On the Jobs section, click the grey wrench icon on the far right of the Job row.
  3. Select Job state as Completed and click Save.
  4. Use the grey wrench icon to edit the second job in the route, mark it as Completed, and save it.
  5. Save the changes in the Edit Route window.


After the jobs in Worker2’s route have been completed (in the Dispatch mobile app or in the Vehicle Tracker), they will be green to display their ‘Completed’ status.


Congrats! You just simulated a day’s work with workers, jobs, and routes. The next exercise is focused on reporting & data. Data allows companies to improve worker efficiency and reduce costs, so we’re excited to show you the reporting capabilities.