How to use Route geofences

The Route Geofence allows for creation of a virtual perimeter between two points. It can be used in order to ensure that a vehicle doesn’t leave a predetermined route, and if it does, an alarm can be set to inform the interested party.


Application Configuration

Enable the following Privilege in the VehicleTracker application.

  1. Login to SiteAdmin
  2. Go to the Applications tab and click on the Application you want to edit
  3. Enable the privileges_EditRouteGeofence
  4. Click on Save

Two ways of creating Route Geofences

1. Using the Geofence menu

First, similarly to the Circle and Polygon geofence, click on the dropdown menu in the Geofence panel and select “—New—route”

give the geofence a name and a radius and start drawing it on the map. We also recommend to add this route to a Group or create a New Group by selecting + Group.

Mouse controls while drawing

  1. Left click to add points to the Route Geofence
  2. Right click to remove the last added point
  3. Double (left) click to end drawing

Assign the geofence to one or several tags and click on save.

Mouse controls while editing

Once the route geofence drawing is completed, you can edit it using the following controls:

  1. Left click on a vertex edge (large square) and move it to a new position
  2. Left click in the middle of a vertex (small square) to add a point
  3. Right click on a vertex edge (large square) to remove the point


2. Creating Route Geofences from Tracks and Trips

The second way to create a Route Geofence is by right clicking on a Track or Trip and selecting the Create Route Geofence option.

You can trim the track using the Start and Stop time stamps in the Tracks panel before you create the geofence. Once the geofence is created it can be edited as describes above in the Mouse controls while editing section.

Once the geofence is satisfactory, assign it to one or several tags and click on Save.