Generate email and SMS alerts based on Geofence alerts

In this example, we will show how to configure SMS and Email alerts when a vehicle gets outside a geofence.

Email notification setup

1. Log in with the proper user into your Application and select Admin > Event Rules

2. Click on Add New Event Rule

3. Select Geofence Expression


Note that you will see geofence Groups - not individual geofences - in your list.


4. On 5.Notifications we will select Email as a notification type.


5. We will select one of our Tags as a recipient.

Select a tag where you know you have at least one user with an email in user properties. 


6. Now it's time to customize the Subject of the email. Compose the subject with fixed text and variables of your choice.


7. You can also customize the body of the email by adding your own text and variables.


SMS notification setup

8. To add an SMS notification, select + and add SMS as a new notification type.


9. In the same way that we customized the email notification, we can also compose the SMS notification.


10. Click Next until you reach the end.

11. Click on Save.


In this example, when the vehicle left the geofence, a notification via SMS and email is sent to the recipient of the message (the operator with a valid phone number and email address).


SMS notification

Example of the SMS notification received by the recipient


E-mail notification

Example of the email notification received by the recipient