Area Search

With the Area Search plugin you can search in your vehicle history for a specific area. It is very effective and intuitive.

Select the Area Search tool and draw a rectangle on the map to get a list of tracks in that area for the selected time period. If you want to search for specific events that is possible too.

Area Search overview

With Area Search you can instantly answer questions like:

  • Who was here last Friday?
  • How many times have we been here this week?
  • When was the last time we were here?
  • Who was speeding here?

Install AreaSearch

  1. Login to your Site Administration account and go to Plugins
  2. Download and install the AreaSearch plugin
  3. Go to Application Management and select the application you want to enable Area Search in
  4. Activate Area Search in Enable/Disable Features -> Plugins -> AreaSearch and save your application

Area searching

Login to your application, the Area Search icon is now available in the toolbar on the map.

  1. Click on the Area Search icon and draw the area you want to search
  2. Select a time period in the Area Search window and click Search

The Area Search window lists the tracks that match your search criteria. You can click on any result to draw it on the map.

If you get too many results it is easy to narrow down your search. Just shrink the area by dragging its corners or shorten the time period and click Search again.

Searching for Event Rules also narrows down the results. The picture below only shows the tracks with a speed over 75 km/h.

Area Search with Event Rule

Area Search is a very powerful tool when you want to answer questions in a known area!