How to request support for a new Device Type or new Inputs in the Device Mapper.

In order to integrate a new input, device brand or model, we require the following information. All of these steps are necessary.

1. A list of inputs you want us to add to the device mapper, and the name of the device type.

You can read more about these in the device mapper knowledge base guide.


Note that when it's a new device integration, we might not be able to integrate all inputs from the protocol document at once, this has to be done by priority and upon request.

2. Terminal data from the device in text format (no screenshot). Please, copy and paste terminal data and save it as a TXT file attached to your request.

Read more about how to capture terminal data in our terminal data knowledge article.

3. An official protocol document from the manufacturer. A protocol document is usually a PDF file with specifications of how the information is captured and sent from the device, the structure of the stream of data, data type specification, etc. This document is not a user manual. This document has to be requested to the manufacturer itself.

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