Right-click on vehicle list no longer works


Right-click on the vehicle list no longer works.


Most likely, you have a 3rd party plugin that is causing this problem. It is using undocumented APIs. E.g. "gauges".


You can either disable this plugin. Or you can send back some hints to the developer on how to fix the problem.

Here is the info it needs:

All on JavaScript/Client side:

Currently used API: GpsGate.Server.Directory.GetLatestGateRecords
Should use whats already loaded in the UI:

var manager = Context.getApp().getVehicleManager();
var user = manager.getVehicle('USER NAME OR ID);

user.recordData contains all KeyValue pairs of FieldIDs-Data where data has a date and value

Those can be localized by using: Franson.LatestRecords.getLocalizedRecordValue(user, FieldID)
Context.getApp().getMappedFields() can be used to get all the mapped filed.