Cannot add Unknown Device from Site Admin


You are using the feature under Site Admin -> Devices to add new devices connected to your server. However, you cannot find the application in the "Unknown Device" device form.


You have probably created this app from "Empty (advanced)" instead of BasicOne. And by doing that you have no User Types in the application. The feature that adds unknown devices requires you to have the "Device" User Type in the application.


Add standard "User Types" to your old applications

There are some standard user types that come with GpsGate Server v3.1. Follow those steps to activate:

The standard user types are Administrator, Operator, Driver, Device, and Laptop.

0. Make sure you have all plugins up to date under SiteAdmin -> Plugins.

1. Log in to SiteAdmin
2. Click on the application.
3. Select "User Types" in Synchronize dropdown.
4. Click "Synchronize"

The user types are now installed. No other changes are made.

New applications created using "Basic One" as a template will contain the standard user types.