Cannot import GpsGate jar file into ArcGIS


Cannot import GpsGate jar file into ArcGIS.

Error log in ArcGIS shows: "Bundle installation rejected by hook."


The issue may have been related to the incorrect configuration for GeoEvent extension as the corrupt configuration may cause issues with the installation for the .jar files which install the components on the GeoEvent extension apart from the ones which are created during the time of installation.


1. Export the GeoEvent configuration from GeoEvent manager.
2. Stop the GeoEvent windows service.
3. Delete the .jar file from the deploy folder under the GeoEvent install location.
4. Delete the data folder from the install location.
5. Start the windows service for the ArcGIS GeoEvent Server which re-create the data folder.
6. Re-deploy the processor and confirm that it was lists under the transport in GeoEvent manager.