Who deleted device?

1. Check if the device really is deleted. You can search for the user name under SiteAdmin -> Applications or under SiteAdmin -> System Tools -> Terminal

2. If you want to check who deleted the device you can do that under SiteAdmin -> System Tools (top menu) -> User Actions (left menu).

* Set a time period.
* Set Category to "Users"
* Enter the user name of the removed device in the Message field.

Leave all other fields empty and click Search.

Now you will see the username and time when the device was deleted.

3. If you want to avoid this from happening again, make sure you remove the _DeleteUsers privilege from Roles that do not need it.

Use Roles and Features/Privileges here

Overview of all common privileges here


* There is a useful feature in SiteAdmin to login "impersonated". In the application list in SiteAdmin click on the icon left to the name of the application, then select the username to login as. In this way you can verify that a user gets the proper experience when logged in.

* In VehicleTracker you can right click on a user and select "Overview". A windows opens which lists exact which privileges, roles the user has. Which reports and event rules he has access to and much more. A must to use when verifying which user/device has which functionallity assigned to it.