How the Odometer works in GpsGate

Odometer setup

An odometer is something that measures the total distance a vehicle has traveled. There are two types of odometers in GpsGate. Device odometer and server/virtual odometer.

Device Odometer

Many but not all GPS trackers have a built-in odometer. The main advantage of having an odometer is accuracy. 

If your device supports odometer reading, you can activate it in the Device Mapper.


Server odometer

Server/virtual odometer is a GpsGate accumulator (in the image GPS distance). 

GPS distance is the distance between every position update sent from the device to the server.

It will accumulate the distance traveled for a vehicle over the time.

Enable the odometer to the vehicle

By default, the Odometer is not enabled when you create a user. To activate it, follow these steps:

1. Edit the user properties.

2. Under Accumulators, right-click on the vehicle and select Edit User. You can set a new odometer value at any time.


Reports and tracks

All reports and tracks will use the enabled odometer. If no odometer is enabled, GPS distance will be used.


If you change odometer, you need to reprocess reports and tracks for the change to make effect on historical data. New data will always use the current selected odometer.

Read how to reprocess tracks here.