Re-install GpsGate Server from scratch

NOTE! If you want to move an existing GpsGate Server installation to a new windows server, or if you want to restore a backup, read this.

If you want to make a fresh new installation, with ALL your old data deleted, follow those steps:

0. Delete the folder C:\GpsGateInstall

1. Download GpsGate Server again from this page:

2. Run downloaded GpsGateServer.exe and follow steps to uninstall.

3. Delete the folder C:\GpsGateServer

4. Drop your database, follow those steps for MySQL.

4.1. Run "Programs -> MySQL -> MySQL Server 5.5 -> MySQL 5.5 Command Line Client" from the Windows start menu.
4.2 Login using your MySQL root password.
4.3 Execute "drop database GpsGateServer;" to drop the database.

5. Run downloaded GpsGateServer.exe again to complete new installation.