How do I define what is 'trip' and what is 'idling?' Trip Definition

The trip definition allows defining in which situations the vehicle will be considered as running or idling. (Note, the trip definition is not the status, as seen in the Tracks timeline).

The definition generates standstills (points on the map where the vehicle is considered idling) based on different inputs rather than the default GPS Movement. Default standstills are being displayed on the map when the track of the vehicle is displayed, and idling at least 120 seconds (for the representation on the map, this default value can be changed on track settings).


The vehicle idling is calculated based on the selected trip definition type in the device mapper (by default, this value is based on GPS Movement).

Learn how to change the trip definition here.

The Trip definition can also be created using Device Mapper Scripts. For example, return a boolean variable and select it as the trip definition. First create the script, then select it as a Device Input. In this way, you can create more complex algorithms for what is a trip and what is idling.

All features in GpsGate which use trips and idling will now consider this feature (e.g. reports).

Trip View feature

The trip view feature offers a practical and visual way to observe individual trips on the map.
Read more about the trip view feature here.

Can I have the same type of devices that use different Trip Definitions?

You can create new Device Types under Site Admin > Devices > Types.

You can read more about how to set new device types in this guide.