How do I define what is trip and what is idle? Trip Definition

Trip Definition

Set any input from the device (e.g. Ignition) or a Device Mapper Script to define what is a trip and what is idle.

If you want to know more about how to configure the Trip Definition, you can read this guide.

You can also create a Device Mapper Script, which returns a boolean variable, and select it as Trip Definition. First create the script, then select it as Device Input. In this way you can create more complex algorithms for what is a trip and what is idle.

All features in GpsGate which uses trips and idle spots will now consider this feature, e.g reports and tracks drawn o the map.

Minimum Idle Time defines the minimum time a vehicle needs to be idle before a idle spot is created. Default 2 minutes.

Trip View feature

Trip View feature, offers a practical and visual way to observe individual trips on the map.

Same types of devices with different Trip Definitions?

You can create new Device Types under SiteAdmin > Devices > Types

You can read more about how to set new device types in this guide.