How do I define what is trip and what is idle? Trip Definition

Trip Definition

Set any input from the device (e.g. Ignition) or a Device Mapper Script to define what is a trip and what is idle.


1. Open "Device Mapper" from the Admin menu in VehicleTracker.

2. Under "Trip Definition" you can select how trip and idle is defined.

To let GpsGate automatically determine when the vehicle is moving or idle select "GPS movement". This is the default, and has been the only option in GpsGate until now.

To let an input from the GPS tracker determine if the vehicle is moving or not, select "Device Input". This can typically be Ignition or a motion detection input on the device. True means "trip", False means "idle".

You can also create a Device Mapper Script, which returns a boolean variable, and select it as Trip Defintion. First create the script, then select it as "Device Input". In this way you can create more complex algorithms for what is a trip and what is idle. More about Device Mapper Scripting here:

Minimum Idle Time defines the minimum time a vehicle needs to be idle before a idle spot is created. Default 2 minutes.


All features in GpsGate which uses trips and idle spots will now consider this feature, e.g reports and tracks drawn o the map.

View Trips rather than whole day Tracks.

Trip View feature, offers a practical and visual way to observe individual trips on the map.

Change historical data

When you change Trip Definition for a Device Type, you need to reprocess tracks for affected users for the change to take effect on historical data.

To reprocess old track data use the "Developer Tools".
(Make sure the "Developer Tools" plugin is up to date. Update from

Same types of devices with different Trip Definitions?

You can create new Device Types under SiteAdmin -> Devices -> Types


If you want to have SiteAdmin and a VehicleTracker application open at the same time, use two types of browsers. Firefox + Chrome.