Stay Informed: Updates for your GpsGate Platform

Experience the simplicity of updating your platform to the latest GpsGate version! Stay ahead with all the newest features and fixes effortlessly. It's never been easier!

If your platform is not utilizing the latest version of the plugins, you will receive a pop-up notification at the bottom of the screen. 

Press on View Update and the following window will provide you with some details:

Choose "Update now" to proceed with the installation. Please refrain from refreshing or closing the browser during this process. Alternatively, select "Remind me later," and the pop-up will appear during your next login session.

Note: If any installed plugins need to be removed due to deprecation, the update will fail, and you will be directed to the Site Admin (Legacy) Plugins page. There, you can uninstall the outdated plugins and proceed with the current updates.

For the manual update please check the article: Updating-your-GpsGate-platform

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