Maintenance - Add Historical Service logs for a vehicle

With our maintenance feature, you can now effortlessly add and retrieve historical maintenance service records for every vehicle in your fleet. This invaluable data will be accessible in the Logs section, offering a detailed timeline of previous repairs, replacements, and service events.

Previous steps

Get started with Maintenance

Add Preventive maintenance service schedule for the vehicle

Adding Historic Maintenance service

1. Right click on the unit in the Vehicle panel and select Maintenance - Add historical service

Screenshot 2024-02-02 at 14.50.53.png

2. Select the service:

Select one of the available preventive service types available for the vehicle

Screenshot 2024-02-02 at 14.55.53.png

3. Fill in the service date

Screenshot 2024-02-02 at 14.56.09.png

3. Fill in the details about the task as explained here and save the historic service.

Screenshot 2024-02-02 at 14.56.54.png

With this feature, you have the power to unlock a wealth of knowledge about your fleet's maintenance history. This will not only streamline your operations but also maximize the performance and lifespan of your vehicles. Read more on how you can access historical maintenance data.